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Student Seminar and Discussion Commitee

Faculty In charge: Mr.Amrisha Tripathi.

  1. Abhay Siddhant 2. Aditi Saraswat 3. Kushagra Trivedi  
  4. Kavin Castro 5. Raghav Bherwani 6. Divya Chhabra  

The committee aims to bring back the culture of old- school discussion in the era of social media by organizing weekly discussions on issues of national and global importance such as terrorism, democracy, feminism, international human rights, religion, environment, etc. This is coupled with fortnightly discussions on book reviews, jurisprudence, policies of law, and the trend of national and global judicial systems with the help of landmark judgments. The objective of the committee is to help students develop critical and analytical skills by providing them a platform to display informed and innovative opinions. The committee also aims to invite people of intellectual eminence to be a part of these discussions, giving an opportunity to the students to appreciate and acknowledge opinions from a different perspective and thus figuring out their areas of interest and pursuing them further. Moreover, the committee seeks to send for publication in the law review journals of this institution and others, papers based on the conclusions of discussions yielding a constructive solution to a crisis.
The committee was established on September 15, 2017 with the discussion surrounding the killing of various journalists across the country titled “Freedom of Speech and Expression: Is Our Press Really Free?” The discussion witnessed a number of students and teachers churning upon various social and legal implications of media being entitled of the fundamental right to free speech. The discussion touched upon aspects of Right and Left wing politics and role of media houses in presenting the right information to the public.
Besides, the committee has several discussions lined up for the month of November and January including book review, session on legal research by professors and discussion on the recent ‘Triple Talaq’ judgment by the honourable Supreme Court. .