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Environment Club

Environment Club is a students’ initiative; an effort to keep the campus clean.
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We, the current generation, are facing one of the most daunting problems that has ever plagued mankind: climate change and waste management. Of the many global issues being faced by us, climate change remains the most prominent and important issue to be addressed. Climate change is inevitable; but efforts can be taken to slow down the process and possibly reverse the damages done to the flora and fauna. With an idea of community participation and awareness, the Environmental Club came into existence in August 2015 and ever since its inception; the Club has organized three successful Cleanliness Drives and Sapling Plantation Drives.

The Eco Club is aimed at channelling collective efforts towards the preservation and conservation of the flora and fauna in and around the sprawling 25 acre campus of the Tamil Nadu National Law School. As we continue to grow as an institution, we face new problems each semester and our efforts are channelled in tackling the issues at hand. The club is always filled with excitement with activities ranging from organizing sapling plantation drives to getting your hands dirty during cleanliness drives; the club offers a plethora of opportunities to those who truly wish to make a change.

The Eco Club is not a club which requires an invitation for one to be a member. Any student or faculty member is free to be a part of the club as long as one has the interest to not just make but leave an impact. Be your own judge, if you believe that you are someone who’d like to thrive in a greener campus and would like to be a part of the change. Shoot a mail stating your interest with respect to the same at Here’s to one decision you won’t regret!

The representatives of the Environmental Club for the academic year 2018-19 are:
Faculty In charge: Mr. Subhajit Debnath & Ms. Alphonsa Jojan