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Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC)


Tamil Nadu National Law University, through its Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC), aims at promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms and nurturing a strong ADR culture among the upcoming members of the legal fraternity. This year’s committee is helmed by Ms. Mrinmoyee Mukherjee and Mr. Vasishtan P, Assistant Professors of Law. The ADRC’s primary task is to conduct the National Med-Arb competition annually, and Intra- University competitions for the below mentioned events:

1. Arbitration
2. Mediation
3. Negotiation
4. Client Counselling

Incidental to the same, the ADRC will also focus on conducting various workshops, seminars and mentorship programs for promoting ADR skills in all students. The ADRC not only aims at promoting the culture of Alternative Dispute Resolution but also wishes to hone the below-listed skillset of the students:
• Expanded communication skills
• Enhanced persuasive skills
• Familiarity with negotiation approaches
• Expanded problem solving ability, and much more.

In 2022 the student representative body was appointed by a two-step process - submission of a statement of purpose followed by an interview by the faculty in-charge. The current student members are:
1. K. Aadhishankaran, 5th Year
2. Hananya A. S., 4th Year
3. Aseem Aggarwal, 3rd Year
4. Pranav Ramesh, 3rd Year
5. Anirudh Sundar, 2nd Year
6. Anish Mishra, 2nd year
7. Arivusudar. A, 2nd year
8. Dheekshanya. A, 2nd Year
9. Ramsha Hashmi, 2nd year
10. S. Suriyakala, 2nd Year
11. Sakthi Palanichamy, 1st year

5th TNNLU National Med-Arb Competition 2023 [28th April to 30th April] Know more....

Other Proposed Activity:
Weekly simulation sessions
For the purpose of enhancing the skills related to ADR for the students of TNNLU, it is proposed that the ADRC will be conducting simulation sessions for the students. These sessions are proposed by the Mentors- who are students who have participated in various National and International ADR competitions.
Online Forum
For the purpose of free access of online resources, the ADRC proposes to launch an online resource pool pure initiated by the students and accessible to any student of TNNLU to learn and exchange materials on various ADR related skills.