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“Inception is a beginning, In the beginning there was man, then came the human, it’s an evolution. We welcome you all to evolve together, to dream together, let this Inception’17 give us a vision to destroy our past creatively and create our future positively.”
- Excerpt from the Welcome address by the Faculty in-charge
Mr. Balachandran Sathyan.
“I think Cultural events are very important, as it is not only an entertainment area where you guys hang out, have fun, witness the performances of your friends but also it is about showing your identity.It is a small India here and you people are coming from various places, various states, you are representing your own languages’ culture and your own arts and this arts being demonstrated here in front of everyone is very important, which is actually a sign of saving and restoring our culture, which is very important because, today the wars are not killing people, wars are not demolishing the properties but the war is about demolishing the identity of people and identity lies in the art, our identity lies in the food, our identity lies in the way we dress, the identity lies in the language.Cultural programme in the colleges restore the identity, I think this is the only place where the identity is restored because you can’t see all these things in the films, we are not able to put, we are not able to display our identities in the films because the films have different genre, the films are too much westernized because we claim that the audience are westernized, we bring out only the western characters, western thought of stories, western thought of entire format as a film but today we are able to see, we are able to experience not only in this University, there is a lot of other institutions which has got so many culturals coming here, I think this is a place where we can restore our identity,the art is very important platform where we make sure that our identity is restored. Thank you so much, keep doing all these on and on and on and I’m very much happy to be here, I will definitely reserve another moment with all of you, so that we can speak more, interact more. Thank you so much.”
- Excerpt from the address by the Chief Guest Mr.Pirammananthan.
Life at TNNLS is vibrant and fun filled. The Cultural Committee of TNNLS organizes an entire series of events throughout the year catering to varied interests and talents. The Committee conducted anIntra University Cultural festival, “Inception’17” on the eve of 7th and 8th of November 2017. It hosted varied competitive events which includes dance, music, dramatics, Poetry, Short story writing etc., marking the convergence of Art, talent and passion.This powerful fiesta began with a bang and had a Meet & Greet session with Mr. Pirammananthan, our Chief Guest for the day, the National award-winning director for his debut Tamil film,“Kutramkadithal”. The programme commenced with Mr. Pirammananthan’sChief Guest address, followed by the speech ofour Vice-Chancellor, Prof.(Dr.) Kamala Sankaran.One of the most important part of the whole event was the launch of Cultural Committee’s official logo which was a perfect blend of silhouettes of various art forms.
“Look at the motto of the Cultural Committee, it says ‘Human is Culture’, just think what that means, that being human being means that you are completely encapsulated, you are part of culture, you are part and agent of culture, your life needs to be culture and there is nothing that TNNLS student would require more or enjoys more than being part and parcel of a cultural medure. So, I think it’s very apt that the Cultural Committee has chosen this as its motto.”
- Excerpt from the address by the Vice -Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Kamala Sankaran.
Day 1 was filled with the special performances such as “Mayilaattam”, “Poikaalkuthiraiyaattam” “Oyilaattam” and “Karagaattam” by Mr. Elavazhagan and team. Mr. Elavazhagan is an expert in karagam, one of the traditional dance forms of Tamil Nadu. The most awe-inspiring part of day 2 was “Kaaliyaattam” by Kalaimaamani.Mr.S.P. Muthukumar, who is the only artist in India holding the prestigious“Kalaimaamani award” for “Kaaliyaattam”. The whole auditorium went into a state of shock for a moment, when he entered in and as Kaali with raging fire, there was perfect silence and a relatable devotion in the eyes of everyone present inside.The beats to the hearts were on and on through the thundering performance of“Paraiyaattam” & “Thudumbaattam” by Mr. Gurunathan and team. Mr. Gurunathan has been associated with this field for the past 15 years and has won various awards for the same. The day ended with cheerful claps of every batch rendering their support to their respective batch’s Grand Parade. The dismissing crowd gathered again in total surprise when the faculty members took the stage for grand parade attracting every student’s attention and making them go crazy. INCEPTION’17, has rightly promoted the Cultural heritage of “little India”, the Tamil Nadu National Law School,in its own style.