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In Thamizh "Silambam" means music or sound. Silambam is broadly divided into three types such as Kaichilambam - Music by anything weared in hands, Kaalchilambam - Music by anything weared in legs and Porchilambam - Martial Art.Porchilambam is again divided into Decorative art and Combatting.Decorative art showcases the skills of men in handling the Bamboo and Pirambu sticks which is on average five feet tall, Curling Sword, Sword and buckhorn.Combatting is made up of very ancient fighting tactics transferred from generations to generations for the past five thousand years.The oldest archeological evidence goes back to more than ten thousand years represented in Keezhvaalai rock paintings of Tamilnadu.Kallampathu (Deceiving Ten), KathiVeechu (Stick is Sword),Kidaa Muttu, Kuravanji, KizhakathiyaVeechu (Eastern Combatting) are some of the ancient Silambam Combatting tactics of the Tamil country.


The Cultural Committee of TNNLS holds the privilege of equipping the students, faculty members and non-teaching staffs with the most powerful martial art of the land 'Silambam'. They were trained by Manikandan AarumugamAasan who has over 20 years of specialization in this field. Faculty members Mr.Balachandran Sathyan, Mr.ShankarKaarmukilan, Ms.Preetham Balakrishnan, Mr.Britto Stalin and our University’s staff nurse Ms. Balasuryawere trained and showcased their talents on 10th August 2017. Nearly 40 students from various batches have been trained with Silambam. Two training sessions were held between 29th August – 13th September 2017 & 4th October – 17th October 2017. Each training sessions were held for a span of 15 days between 5:30 AM to 7:30 AM. After their diligent training 1st batch students demonstrated this awe-inspiring art in the campus on 14th September 2017. Many students who got trained in these sessions have participated in various Inter university fests/ competitions.