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The Constitutional Law Society of TNNLU is student run body to propagate, uphold and celebrate the constitutional principles and to debate on constitutional developments of contemporary significance.The CLS was inaugurated in October, 2017 by hosting a ‘Nationwide Competition for awareness on Legal Rights of Women’ in association with National Commission for Women. In pursuance to the celebration of Constitution Day/Law Day, CLS had organized Constitutional Awareness Survey conducted by students of TNNLU to assess the awareness among people about their rights, following the declaration of the month of November as Constitutional Awareness Month.

The society intends to organize lectures, quizzes, Mock Constitutional Assembly Debates, Policy drafting competitions and discussions to inculcate constitutional spirit among the students through interactions with scholars from various fields. It also encourages students to brainstorm ideas through debates on the reconciliation of various constitutional principles, reality and development. Regular discussions are conducted where students put forward new ideas , discuss about new developments happening in the area . The society aims at inculcating interest among the students towards the constitutional law through various discussions and activities the society aims to undertake.

The society has a team of 9 members whom are advised by a faculty member of the University .

1. CLS Discussion and Debate Session - I
The first activity of the CLS 2018-19 was the Discussion Circle on the topic ‘Dissent as a form of Fundamental Right to Speech & Expression’ held on 10th September, 2018. The discussion was led by CLS members with active participation from all the students who attended the discussion. The scope and parameters of Freedom of Speech and Expression were debated upon, before more intricate matters pertaining to specific situations concerning infringement of these rights were brought to light. The discussion ended on a general consensus of most issues of the discourse, with every participant having learnt something new and educating their peers, which is a main objective of these circle discussions.
2. CLS Discussion and Debate Session - II
The second discussion circle was held on the 22nd of October 2018 on the topic ‘Pink Tax vis-a-vis feminist jurisprudence’. Pink Tax is a concept that stems from the movement of ‘Fourth Wave Feminism’. The discussion began with a general introduction as to the meaning of the term, before going into its nature, and how it hinders egalitarian principles. Once again, this discussion witnessed a reasonable turnout, with eclectic and enthusiastic perspectives from all participating members.
3. TNNLU - NCW Quiz on awareness on Women’s Rights
The most important event of the year conducted by the CLS was the Quiz on Feminism, Women’s rights and constitutional law sponsored by the National Commission for Women and in partnership with the Quiz Club of TNNLU. This event saw more than half the university participating, with an especially willing participation from the first years, which constituted more than half of the contestants. The quiz consisted of four levels i.e. a preliminary written quiz and a final round consisting of three levels-a conventional quiz round, a buzzer round and a picture quiz round. The quiz moderators were students from the society, themselves. The audience was also allowed to participate and they received prizes for correct answering of the passed questions. Things became especially heated in during the final round, with the participants so in tandem, that it was impossible to tell who would win. With a satisfying end, the quiz ended on a close but certain note, with the winners being awarded cash prizes sponsored by the NCW itself. Overall, the event was a success.
4. One Credit Course on “Canadian Constitutional Law – History, Politics and the Law
A One Credit Course on “Canadian Constitutional Law – History, Politics and the Law” was conducted by Professor Jacqueline Krikorian, Associate Professor at the York University, Toronto, Canada, between 28th January and 1st February 2019, at the TNNLU campus. Prof. Krikorian received her PhD degree from the University of Toronto (Political Science), MA degree from Dalhousie (Political Science), law degree from Queen's University, and is currently a member of the Bar of Ontario, Canada. She specialises in government and public law, with a particular emphasis on Canada and US relations. She has been the recipient of funding from a number of institutions including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Fulbright Canada, and the Commonwealth Awards Program. Know more.

Faculty Advisor : Ms. Jasmine Joseph, Assistant Professor (Law)

  1. Suryanarayana S.M, Vth Year  (Convenor) 2. Subham S. Biswal, IIIrd Year  (Convenor) 3. Nuzhath Khanam, IIIrd Year  (Convenor)    
  4. GouriBalagopal, V Year 5. Arvind Krishna G, IV Year 6. Shraddha Pandey, II Year    
  7. Aditya Goyal, II Year 8. Deva Darshini, I Year 9. Karen Niroshana, I Year