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Film Club

The student-run film club screens exemplary and craftsmanship motion pictures. Screen films for the students to fuel scholarly dialogues and infuse diversion into their lives. The club is on a realistic visit to manufacturing a lively chronicle of biopics, films, dramatisations, documentaries and short movies of each kind at the foundation. With this point, the film club exhibits motion pictures from subjects like patriotism, mentorship, party, business enterprise, and so on regularly. The club carries on talks on the film too. In this age of budding lawyers, the film club instils and parses thoughts through cinema and open the organisation to all types of silver screen.

The film club screens movies on Fridays. So far the following movies have been screened:

1. Zodiac (3rd August, 2018)
2. Kaakkaa Muttai (10th August, 2018)
3. Ugly (23rd August, 2018)
4. Milk (13th October, 2018)
5. Donnie Darko (26th October, 2018)

Faculty Advisors of the Film Club:
Dr. V.R. Anil Kumar, Assistant Professor(English).

Members of the Film Club:
Rig Ved Prasad - V Year
Piyush Chakarvarty - II Year