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Photo Club
"We make memories out of moments, and they last forever."

The Photography Club of TNNLU was formed officially on November 1st, 2016. Ever since its inception, the student members of the club have been covering events that take place at TNNLU, be it a panel discussion, a conference, or even just a music jamming session! We, the members of the club, believe that every moment happens only once, and we strive to capture the emotions that fill the campus. The satisfaction we feel while capturing these special occasions is simply unbeatable! To give you an insight of what we do, here’s a short list of activities that we engage ourselves in.
To commemorate World Photography Day on 19th August 2018, the students of the Photography Club, along with a faculty advisor, went on a photo walk to Srirangam to experiment various shooting techniques and honed our skills. Later in the day, the students of the club attended a primer session where we were taught the basics of photography and editing. The members of the Photography Club go on regular photo walks as a method of practicing and correcting errors, if any. The members of the club take turns and cover all the events that take place in the University on a regular basis. We also process the pictures and distribute them to the various committees, the students, and at times, the press, to be uploaded on our official website and Facebook pages.
In November 2016, we conducted our very own photography exhibition, “Shutter Up!” Students and professors alike sent in their best images to be put up on the walls of the UG Block.
A moment lost, is lost forever. We hope to capture and create a gallery filled with such unique images and portray what words fail to convey, in a single image! We strive to achieve much more in the coming years.

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Faculty Advisors:

Ms. Sahana Pal, Writing Fellow.

Student Members:

1. Nathaniel K Andrews- V Year 2. Sidhhartha Reddy- V Year 3. Srinivassa Balaji- V Year
4. Karan Vyas - IV Year 5. Deeksha Agrawal- III Year 6. Tejasvi Rajesh- III Year
7. Aravind. S - II Year 8. Anitha T - I Year 9. Divya Bharathi - I Year
10. Prajesh Kumar - I Year 11. Pratibha Bhatti - I Year 12. Raksha - I Year
13. Sagnik- I Year