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Sports Club

The Tamil Nadu National Law University incorporated the Sports Committee in the academic year 2014/15 and ever since our inception we have been striving and promoting a sporting culture within our campus. The sports committee is one of the most active committees in the University; through the course of the academic year, we organize various Inter-Batch Tournaments and Open events. Tamil Nadu National Law University’s Sport Committee started functioning in the year 2014-2015. They have also initiated fitness and health oriented programs such the yoga classes, fitness classes, aerobics etc. The Committee works actively to ensure the sporting level and culture of the University is at its highest. It organises various Inter-Batch Tournaments and Open events such as Kratos, Ludas over the past two years.

In the year 2018-19, it also conducted various events which included cash prizes also. Under the able guidance of Mr.Anand Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor (Law) as its faculty-in-charge for the year 2018-2109, the following are the members of the Sports Committee:

  1. Vishal K 2. Sanjay M 3. Manoprasanth 4. Shreyash Ramdev  
  5. Rajashree H 6. Nafia KP 7. Romeo M Raj 8. Navin Kumar  
  9. Aishwarya R Geddada 10. Rahul Mannickam 11. Amartya Kumar 12. Saha  

In addition to all these activities, it takes care to send teams across various sporting event in the country. Recently, a team had been send to Spiritus Event at the National Law School India University, Bengaluru also. In the month of September, an recreational room in the UG Block of the University was opened for Students. The Indoor Badminton Court is also managed by the Sports Club.