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Theatre Club

Theatre as a form of expression is an intense and evoking art form. We at the TNNLU theatre club believe that every student deserves the chance to participate in and express their talents and to this effect, we strive to provide a conducive and holistic platform for their exhibition and development. From light-hearted comedies and scintillating satire to melancholic tragedies and riveting drama, the theatre club attempts to showcase a diverse and eclectic range of plays and shows, meant to entertain or provide comic relief, as well as bring to light important issues that students are to be aware of in todays fast-paced society. Theatre club work is not limited to acting alone, but also the development of the plot and dialogue of the play. Allowing the students to write their own plays is another way the theatre club provides opportunities for students to display their creativity and share their stories on a public forum.
We at the theatre club believe that theatre is an integral part of the ‘culturals’ as a whole, and strive to provide an inclusive and encouraging environment for students to develop, hone and showcase their skills in all areas to this effect.

Faculty In charge:
Ms. Sahana Pal, Writing Fellow.