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Centre for Law and Agriculture

The Law and Agriculture Centre at Tamil Nadu National Law University aims to initiate, undertake, and inspire quality legal research to protect the rights of people associated with agriculture and to improve the quality and productivity in the agriculture sector. This Centre through its research activities endeavours to facilitate and aid the Government and regulatory authorities in robust policy-making towards agriculture and allied activities.
The Centre also aims to create legal awareness amongst farmers and stakeholders with an objective to facilitate informed decision making in the agricultural process, financing agricultural and allied sectors, procurement and price fixation of agricultural products.
The Centre is headed by Mr. Nideesh Kumar T V, Assistant Professor of Law, TNNLU.

Objectives of the Centre:

1. To create a platform and facilitate interdisciplinary researchers to initiate and conduct research studies and projects on themes relevant to its focus areas.
2. To inspire legal research on its focus areas by facilitating knowledge expansion and exchange through organising Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, and training programs with the involvement of various stakeholders.
3. To accumulate relevant data from the grassroots with a view to construct structured knowledge and provide effective inputs to aid the policymakers in relevant focus areas.
4. To review the efficacy and implementation of agriculture relevant laws and policies with a view of proposing policy, legal and regulatory measures for sustainable growth in its focus areas.
5. To organise legal awareness camps primarily in localities with intensive agricultural and allied activities.

Contact Information:
• nideeshkumartv@tnnlu.ac.in

Internship and Placement Committee, TNNLU

The Internship and Placement Committee popularly known as the IPC is the nodal point for internship opportunities and placement drives at TNNLU. The committee consists of Faculty-in-charge and student members. The committee seeks to facilitate opportunities that enable students to excel in their careers during and after graduation. The committee secures internships, which are an inextricable part of a law student's life, for the students through its wide network of contacts across various fields and sectors. The IPC has established a strong base and has secured internships for its students at leading and reputed organizations ranging from NGOs, Senior Advocates and several Tier 1 and Tier 2 firms. The committee also coordinates with various employers and organises recruitment drives for its final and pre-final year students to secure placements. Further, The IPC organizes pre-placement talks and its coveted bi-monthly talk series known as ‘Opportunities Ahead’ which provides students with an opportunity to learn and explore varied career options by interacting with leading experts from different sectors including corporate, civil, banking, administrative, judiciary, policy-making and research.

Current Members of the Committee:

Faculty in charge: Nideesh Kumar T V (Assistant Professor of Law)

Student Members:

1. Aseem Aggarwal (II BA LLB)
2. Ayush Gaur (II BCom LLB)
3. Rootika Srivastava (II BA LLB)
4. Aditi N S (III BA LLB)
5. Gagireddy Vyshnavi Reddy (III BCom LLB)
6. Kiran Kumar J (III BA LLB)
7. Meghaa G (III BA LLB)8. Swathi MV (III BCom LLB)
9. Ajitha STR (IV BA LLB)
10. Harini Muruganandam (IV BCom LLB)
11. H Rajashreee (IV BCom LLB)
12. Shambhavi Sharma (IV BA LLB)
13. Theerthaa K S (IV BCom LLB)
14. Aditya Goyal (V BA LLB)
15. Anoushka P V(V BA LLB)
16. Manikanda Prabhu J (V BCom LLB)
17. Payaswini Rai (V BA LLB)
18. Sekhar Kumar Sahu (V BCom LLB)

Contact Information:

• internship@tnnlu.ac.in
• placement@tnnlu.ac.in