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2nd TNNLU - CCI National Moot Court Competition, 2019

The Tamil Nadu National Law University (TNNLU) was established by the Government of Tamil Nadu by an Act of State Legislature (Tamil Nadu Act No. 9 of 2012) with the laudable objectives of advancing and disseminating knowledge of law and legal processes and their role in national development. It also aims to instil a sense of responsibility in students and researchers to serve society in the field of law by developing skills with regard to advocacy, legal services, legislation and law reforms. TNNLU has organized innumerable lectures, seminars, symposia and conferences (including a recent international conference on Affirmative Action and the Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality), to promote legal knowledge and to make law and legal processes as efficient instruments of social development.
About CCL
TNNLU has been empanelled by the CCI on September 7, 2017 under the CCI (Competition Assessment of Economic Legislations andPolicies) Guidelines, 2017 to be an Empanelled Institution (EI) to carry out Competition Assessment (CA) of the economic legislations, bills and policies. TNNLU was one among the four Universities across India to beempanelled by CCI for this prestigious work. The Centre for Competition Law (CCL), TNNLU was setup in February 2018 to create awareness among the general public about the implications of Competition Law and to carry out focused research in the field of Competition and Commercial Laws. With a view to disseminate information on promoting competition in the market, the Centre intends to conduct workshops, training programmes, publish newsletters/case summaries etc. in the domain of Competition Law.
About MCC
Bringing the court rooms to the law school with all the theoretical preciseness is a spellbinding experience, and in most cases, better than the experience provided by actual courts. The moot court committee organises these moots, beginning from drafting the moot proposition to the conducting of the event. The mooting process involves extensive research, detailed written presentations and strenuous oral rounds and the TNNLU National Moot Court Committee ensures that mooters feel at home while doing that.The Intra-University Moot Court Competition (IUMCC) is conducted annually the greatest alacrity imaginable. Judges of the competition are from diverse legal backgrounds. The 1st TNNLS-CCI National Moot Court Competition (NMCC) 2018 was also a colossal success. The brutal competition that ensued was worth the trophy and the other incredible prizes that passed hands with glory and glamour.
About the 2nd TNNLU-CCI National Moot Court Competition 2019
The Competition Commission of India (CCI) at New Delhi is a regulatory body established by the Government of India. The duty of the Commission is to carry out the objectives enumerated under the Competition Act, 2002, i.e., to prohibit anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position by enterprises and regulate combinations (acquisition, acquiring of control and M&A), which cause or are likely to cause an appreciable adverse effect on competition within India. The broad objective is to create and sustain fair competition in the economy that will provide a ‘level playing field’ to the producers and make the markets work for the welfare of the consumers.
In 2018, MCC collaborated with CCI for the first time to organise the 1stTNNLU-CCI National Moot Court Competition from 2nd to 4th February 2018 which saw large participation from law students all over India. This year MCCis equally thrilled about collaborating with CCI once again to organise the 2ndTNNLU-CCI National Moot Court Competition, 2019.
Timeline of Events
Release of Moot Problem 30th December (Sunday) 2018
Last date for Provisional Registration 12th January (Saturday) 2019
Last date for submission of the soft copy of the Registration Form 21st January (Monday) 2019
Last date for submission of the hard copy of the Registration Form 26th January (Saturday) 2019
Last date for submission of soft copy of Memorials 20th February (Wednesday) 2019
Last Date for submission of hard copy of Memorials 24th February (Sunday) 2019
Oral Rounds 1st March (Friday) 2019 to 3rd March (Sunday) 2019
Organising Committee
Prof. (Dr.) Kamala Sankaran, Vice Chancellor, TNNLU
Faculty Coordinators
Mr. S. Mohammed Azaad & Ms. GeetashreeKurup, Assistant Professors of Law, TNNLU
Student Members
Mr. Abhay Siddhanth Mr. Ajinkya Nikam
Ms. Annanya Khandelwal Ms. Anurathna
Mr. Hariprakash Ms. Nivea S R
Ms. Ojas Sivakumar Mr. Pranav Mundra
Mr. Sandeep Ms. Mrnalini Natarajan
Ms. Thabitta R Mr. Utsav Saxena
Mr. Walter Sylesh
Contact Information:
Email address:
Mr. Ajinkya Nikam [+91 9003371012]
Ms. Ananya Khandelwal [+91 9566158539]
Ms. Mrinalini Natarajan [+91 9840923698]
Mr. Sandeep [+91 9176945808]
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