Discussion on the Uniform Civil Code

Faculty Coordinator: Rajeswari P., Royal Raj

Time:2.00 P.M.

Mode: Online

Number of Participants: 65

About The Event

The Suthanthira Thirunaal Amudha Peruvizha (STAP) Panel discussion on Uniform Civil Code started with a welcome address by Ms. Rajeswari Pari. There were about

60 members who attended the panel discussion which comprised of both faculty members and students of TNNLU and other universities. The speakers Mr.Anish Mishra, Ms. Thaniskha, Ms. Aruna, Ms. Meghaleena Mukherjee, Ms. Andrea Prince, Mr. Vikram explained various nuances of the debate on the Uniform Civil Code. Mr. Anish started the discussion by explaining the historical evolution of the debate on UCC. He tried to present things chronologically. The highlight of his discussion was when he explained how the article relating to UCC waas introduced in the Constitution of India, what were the efforts taken to implement the UCC etc. Followed by him, Ms. Meghaleena Mukherjee elucidated on the supposed imbalance between Article 25 and Article 44 of the Indian Constitution briefly analysed the dichotomy. She emphasised the need for a UCC. Importantly the relationship between religion and personal laws were enunciated by her, following her Ms. Aruna gave a brief description about Goa being the only state to implement UCC and about the way forward of how other states such as Uttarakhand’s interest in implementing UCC. Followed by her, Ms. Thaniskha briefly examined the Hijab and Triple Talaq issue, and then Mr. Vikram discussed in brief the cons of having a UCC and Ms. Andrea discussed about the pros of UCC. In the end Ms. Moksha summarised the whole event and put forth precise ideas and points of the speakers on the need for a Uniform Civil Code. The panel discussion ended by 3:30 pm with the Vote of Thanks delivered by Ms. Arivusudar.