Quiz Competition (“Transformative Interpretation” categorized under the STAP theme - Ideas@75 and under the sub-theme Justice)

Organizer: Dr Vishnuprasad. R (Interpretation of Statutes (IOS))

Date: 24th October 2021

Time: Deadline - 11:59 PM

Platform: Online

Level of Programme: Intra University

About The Event

The Quiz was conducted under the theme “Transformative Interpretation” categorized under Ideas@75 and under the sub-theme Justice. Totally 20 questions, each carrying 1 mark were drafted and the quiz was conducted through Google Form with its link uploaded in Google Classroom. The participants were duly intimated to join prior to the competition. Out of fourteen students who had participated in the competition, Ms Suriyakala from Batch of 2026 had secured the Winner position, Ms Aishwarya from Batch of 2025 had secured First Runner Up position and Ms. Thanuja from Batch of 2026 had secured Second Runner Up position.

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Picture: Responses for the Quiz Competition