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Title of the Proposed Events Details
Inauguration of STAP Celebration in the TNNLU October 4,2021
The Journey of Legal Education in India: Experiments and Experience in Creating the NLS Model October 7,2021
To be Updated Soon
Creation of a link that will contain all the STAP events along with calendar that will be put up in our website October 14,2021
To be Updated Soon
Panel Discussion: Role of India in International Organisations October 22,2021
Quiz Competition October 24,2021
RTI Application Writing Competition October 24,2021
Short-Film making competition October 24,2021
Panel Discussion on the topic ‘75 Years of India’s Foreign Policy – Shifts and Challenges October 26,2021
Special Lecture on “The Dreams of Indian Freedom Fighters October 30,2021
To be Updated Soon
His perceptions/views of “75 years of Independent India’s Judiciary" November 2,2021
To be Updated Soon
Situating the Self-Respect Movement in the Socio-Political Transformation in Tamil Nadu. November ,2021
To be Updated Soon
Panel Discussion on Justice Delivery in India November 26,2021
To be Updated Soon
Sociology Panel Discussion on Patrick Gesddes November 29,2021
Property Laws webinar on "Evolution of Tenancy Laws in the Post- Independence Era November 29,2021
Panel Discussion On Govind Sadashiv Ghurye December 6,2021

The Changing Contours of Family in India in the past 75 years and the Family Law Teaching in Interdisciplinary Perspective" 14 th December 2021

Rights of the 3rd gender under the Post-Independence Family Law in India 21 st December 2021

Dreams of Indian Freedom Fighters: Gandhian Nationalists 22nd December 2021

Student Discussion on the Application of English Law to Torts in an Independent India 22nd December 2021

Evolution of Corporate Governance Laws and Policies in India – How it Impacted Business and developed our Nation 23rd December 2021

Gandhi, Congress and the Politics of Untouchability in Tamil Nadu 29thd December 2021

Women’s journey in Tamil Nadu Courts (especially Subordinate/lower Courts) in Independent India January 01,2022d
The Journey of Legal Education in India: Experiments and Experience in Creating the NLS Model January 06,2022
STAP Dance Week JANUARY 2022
Law and Society in India: The Journey of the Kannabirans February 2022
Publication of Legal Awareness Booklet February 02, 2022
Judgement Writing Competition – (Problem reflecting on India’s progress in law in 75 years) February 2022
Quiz Competition (State Level) February 2022
Single Credit Course on Constitutional Law and its journey in Last 75 years? Tentative on Feb,Mar & Apr
MARCH 2022
Shifting Paradigm in Victim Right: From 1947-2021 MARCH 05,2022
A skit on resolving dispute by the process of Mediation that will be performed by our students MARCH 2022
Release of Documentary on 75 Successful Women in different fields MARCH 08,2022
National Seminar on the Ideas of Justice in South India MARCH 2022
75 Years of Independence Themed La Festo. MARCH 24 & 27,2022
APRIL 2022
75 Landmark Judgments on Accused Right APRIL 02,2022
Round Table Conference - "Tracing 75 years of Social Movements and Progress in Tamil Nadu" APRIL 09,2022
Inter college Essay writing competition on development of Panchayat system post-Independence APRIL 2022
MAY 2022
75 Major Amendments in Criminal law and the way forward MAY 07,2022
JULY 2022
National/International Conference/Workshop -"Globalization and Constitutional Developments" JULY 09,2022
Collection of information about the places involved in the freedom struggles JULY 2022
Photo Exhibition of Freedom Fighters of Tamil Nadu JULY 2022
Aiding Legally - Inter College Competition AUGUST 11,2022
Debate on the topic ‘75 Years of Independent India – A Politico-Economic Reflection AUGUST 2022
Felicitation of the unsung heroes of the freedom struggle from Tiruchirappalli district. AUGUST 15,2022
India at 75: Journey of Indian Economy since 1947 AUGUST 2022
Quiz and Posts about ADR on ADRC official Instagram handle from time to time. AUGUST 2022
Recording of all events in University's website link and University's official YouTube channel AUGUST 2022