Seventy Five Years of India’s Independence - Theme: “75 Years of India’s Foreign Policy – Shifts and Challenges

Organizer: Dr. S. Subba Rao (Political Science)
Date: 26th October 2021
Time: 2 PM
Platform: Online - Webex
Level of Programme: Class Room Event – II Year – BA LLB (Hons.)

The Panel discussion was organised for the students of II year BALLB Programme under the topic, Seventy Five Years of India’s Independence. Ms.Suhasini Chowdhury acted as the moderator for this session. The event started by State Anthem, sung by Mr. Hareesh Krishnan.B. Ms. Yazhini delivered the welcome address by speaking on India’s role in International sphere and how it has influenced foreign affairs. The entire discussion was divided into series of four parts, with four different speakers.

The first part of the discussion was titled as India’s Foreign Policy as a leader of the Afro-Asian Countries and as one of the founding fathers of the Non- Aligned Movement during 1950’s and 1960’, and this was addressed by Ms. Anushka Bhatt. The second speaker was Ms. Shreya Mallick who spoke about ‘India’s Foreign Policy during 1970’s and 1980’s when India has diluted its Non- Aligned status’. This was followed by Mr. Mohammed Rayyan, who addressed on ‘Shift in India’s Foreign Policy during the Post- Cold war years when there existed Uni-Polar Power system in the World’. The last part of the session was discussed by Ms. Rajeta Shukla, who dealt about, ‘India’s Foreign Policy during the Twenty-first century Multi-Polar World Order’. The speakers of the event made a fruitful discussion on India’s foreign policy over the last 75 years and have truly enlightened all of the participants. The students of second year have taken tiny step towards understanding India’s position in international sphere and this event enabled the happening of the same. The Panel discussion was concluded by National Anthem,sung by Mahalakshmi.