Sociology Panel Discussion on Patrick Gesddes

Organizer: Dr. Hemalatha Bhat (Sociology Course)
Date: 29th November, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM PM
Platform: Online - Webex
Level of Programme: Intra-University

The Suthanthira Thirunaal Amudhu Peruvizha (STAP) Sociology panel discussion on Patrick Geddes started with the welcome address by Dr. Hemalatha Bhat. There were about 60 members who attended the panel discussion which comprised both the faculties and UG students from TNNLU. The moderator, Dr. Hemalatha Bhat had given a short introduction about the panel discussion and the series of it. The speakers Ms. Aruna J and Ms. Lakshya leo G { first year B.com. LL.B} explained about the works of Patrick Geddes, his contribution to the development of Bombay University in disciplines such as sociology and Civics and his great respect for democracy, tradition and nature. The articulation of his ideas of the origin of cities and towns from mountains and the important facts of town planning.

Both the speakers spoke for about 30 minutes and Dr. Hemalatha Bhat, as the moderator had given her views about Patrick Geddes, she figured out the way that Patrick Geddes had looked to the development of cities and town from Civics and Sociological view rather taking biological or geographical view about it. She further explained his contribution on town exhibition in 1914 with the help of Madras Governor, Baron Pentland and the summer workshops that he held in Bombay University in1919.She further gave a brief view about the ideologies of Geddes that human beings and environment have constant connection perpetually. Next, there was feedback and Q & A sessions in which the invitees were allowed to give their views about the same. The recording secretary, Ms. Arivusudar. A, First year B.com LL.B had summarized the whole panel discussion and put forth the precise ideas and points of the speakers on Patrick Geddes. Dr. Hemalatha Bhat, sociology course faculty had ended the panel discussion at 4;55 pm with the Vote of Thanks.