Property Laws webinar on "Evolution of Tenancy Laws in the Post- Independence Era

Organizer: Ms. Shanthi Samandha & Ms. Mrinmoyee Mukherjee (Property Law Course)
Date: 29th November, 2021
Time: 5:30 PM
Platform: Online - Webex
Level of Programme: Intra-University
Resource Person: Advocate P. B. Balaji, Madras High Court

A webinar on "Evolution of Tenancy Laws in the Post- Independence Era" was organized by Ms. Shanthi Samandha and Ms. Mrinmoyee Mukherjee, both Assistant Professor of Law at TNNLU for the course Property Law, as part of STAP initiative at TNNLU. The resource person for the session Mr. P.B Balaji enlightened the gathering about how the rent control laws have evolved over time. He highlighted how the tenancy laws came up after the two world wars for the protection of the tenants and it affected India as well. He explained that post independence, in the early years the focus was on protection of tenants from unjustified evictions and to control rent.

However, the position gradually changed from 1990s when it was realised that landlord's interest too need to be protected. He discussed the landmark Supreme Court cases on Landlord Tenant Relationship and discussed the Model Tenancy Actof 2017 which he considers to be a welcome measure to balance the interest of landlord and tenant. He suggested that it is better to allow the demand and supply in market to determine rent and the focus should be on regulation and not control. The lecture was very informative and it traced the development of tenancy law in India in a lucid manner.