Panel Discussion On Govind Sadashiv Ghurye

Organizer: Dr. Hemalatha Bhat, Sociology Course
Date: 6 th December 2021
Time: 4 PM
Platform: Online - Webex
Level of Programme: Intra-University

Panel Speakers: Ms. Thanishka and Ms. Moksha Alagu Perumal
Moderator: Dr. Hemalatha Bhat
Recording Secretaries: Mr Mohamed Ashik S A and Ms Arivusudar

The STAP (Suthanthira Thirunaal Amudhu Peruvizha) Sociology Panel Discussion began with a formal introduction by Dr. Hemalatha Bhat to the event. The Discussion was initiated by the first speaker of the event Ms. Thanishka from 1st Year BA LLB detailing a well structured introduction of Dr. G.S. Ghurye who is associated as the ‘Father of Sociology in India’ followed by his contributions and prominent works that lay foundation to contemporary researchers involving Caste, Race, Culture, Society, Civilisation, Town planning and Empirical approaches in his research theories. Ms. Moksha (1st Year BA LLB) followed the discussion with a special emphasis on his classic work from 1932 titled “Caste and Race in India”, significantly elaborating on its individual chapters, ideas and special characteristics in researchmethodologies such as Anthropometric measurements. The presentation ended on this note from the panel speakers. Dr Hemalatha Bhat shared her remarkable insights with the audience and lesser known facts on his life that embarked the audience to consciously reflect upon further. The Audience Interaction and questioning was a knowledge uplifting reciprocation. Dr Bhat passed on the virtual mic to Mr. Mohamed Ashik who concluded the event with his detailed conclusion and individual outlook on the life and theme of well revered Mr. Ghurye, thereby proposing the vote of thanks to sign off this successful edition of the STAP Sociology Panel Discussion.