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Anti-Ragging Committee ARC

As per the UGC regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions 2009, an Anti-Ragging Committee is constituted with the following faculty members. 

1. Dr. S. Subba Rao, Assistant Professor of Political Science, TNNLU – Convenor.
2. Ms. Se. Ammakannu, Assistant Professor (Law).
3. Ms. Shanthi Samandha K, Assistant Professor (Law) .
4. Mr. A. Nirmal Singh Heera, Assistant Professor (Law) & Faculty-in-Charge (Men’s Hostel).

Other Members
1. Prof. (Dr.) V.S. Elizabeth, Vice Chancellor, TNNLU.
2. Dr. P. Kumaresan, Assistant Professor of Commerce.
3. Ms. B. Preetham,Assistant Professor (Law).
4. Mr. M. Moorthy, F/O. Mr. Narayana M, B.A.,LL.B.(Hons.), Fourth Year.
5. Mr. M. Somasundaar,F/O. Ms.Rujula,B.A.,LL.B.(Hons.), First Year.
6. Mr. Walter Sylesh S.B,B.A.,LL.B.(Hons.), Fifth Year.
7. Mr. Abishek Kanna,B.A.,LL.B.(Hons.),First Year.
8. Mr. K. Veerasamy, Public >Relationship Officer.
9. Ms. R. Meena , Assistant(General).