Centre For Study & Advocacy of Human Rights

The Centre for Study and Advocacy of Human Rights has been established in the year 2021 to undertake and publish interdisciplinary research studies in the area of human rights (concept, law and enforcement), besides taking steps to spread human rights literacy among the needy and to promote human rights advocacy culture in the students.

In this direction, the Centre strives to take the following steps:

  • To initiate research studies and bring out publications on important areas of human rights law protection and promotion or enforcement;
  • To collect the necessary doctrinal and empirical data concerning various forms of human rights violations, challenges and issues faced by the vulnerable persons in the State of Tamil Nadu including the disabled, aged, children, subalterns, and tribal people in the realization of their basic rights;
  • To use such data for organising programmes like human rights literacy and sensitization programmes, workshops and panel discussions involving the targeted stakeholders to identify suitable remedial measures for human rights violations; and
  • To promote and practice human rights advocacy involving students by encouraging them to file applications on behalf or at the request of the victims of human rights violations before the appropriate forums and where necessary, consider filing PILs or initiating proceedings before the appropriate bodies/institutions with the intent to champion the cause of protection and promotion of human rights.
  • To offer consultancy.
  • To organise theme-based moot court, debate and essay writing competitions, and
  • To design and offer single credit courses and certificate programmes,
  • To apply for projects from different funding agencies,
  • To undertake collaborative research,
  • To campaign for the safety of human rights defenders, and PILs activists, and
  • To create long-term and short-term internship opportunities for students of TNNLU and from other Universities, and
  • Eventually, the Center will also make necessary efforts to persuade the Government to take necessary legislative and executive measures to safeguard the human rights of the people in India.

Centre Coordinators:

Mr. V. Ravindran, Asst. Prof (Law) FIC