Centre for Research & Writing (CRW)

The TNNLU Centre for Research & Writing (CRW) was inaugurated on February 5, 2018by Hon’ble Justice Rajiv Shakdher, High Court of Delhi; Hon’ble Justice T S Sivagnanam, High Court of Madras; Mr. PH Arvindh Pandian, Additional Advocate General, Tamil Nadu; and Mr. Manoj Pandey, Legal Adviser, Competition Commission of India. At present, the Centre is administered by two full time Writing Fellows and a Faculty Advisor, under the direct guidance and patronage of the Vice-Chancellor.

The primary objective of CRW is to assist TNNLU students in improving their legal research and writing skills for better academic performance. The regular workshops and seminars of CRW focus mainly on the following areas

  1. Introduction to Legal Research
  2. Approach and Methodology
  3. Research Design
  4. Literature Review
  5. Data Collection for Empirical Research
  6. Academic Legal Writing
  7. Citation Styles
  8. Plagiarism
  9. Research Ethics
  10. Using Modern Technology for Effective Research and Writing.

Additionally, CRW encourages all students to reach out if they want personalised guidance and feedback on locating appropriate academic resources for coursework, research projects, paper presentations and other co-curricular activities; fine-tuning research, argumentation and overall structuring of moot memorials, articles and essays before final submission; application process for higher studies in foreign universities with respect to their statement of purpose, scholarships etc.,

Center Coordinators:

  1. Dr. Hemalatha Bhat, Asst. Prof (Sociology) FIC
  2. Ms. S. Vedavalli, Asst. Prof (Law)
  3. Ms. Sahana Pal, Writing Fellow
  4. Mr. Santhosh, Writing Fellow