Legal Centre For Women's Welfare


The Centre was established in March 2020. The Centre is the brainchild of the Vice Chancellor,Prof. (Dr.) V.S. Elizabeth, who is an expert in feminist jurisprudence and has a great concern regarding issues related to women. The Government of Tamil Nadu invited proposals for Government grants in February 2020, for which the TNNLU proposed the establishment of the Centre and the Government of Tamil Nadu accepted the same. Law is an effective tool in bringing a change in the society, hence the purpose of establishing the Centre is to transform society through changing the attitudes towards women and the status of women by working on Women and Law.


TNNLU has been always sensitive to women’s issues and concerned with women’s welfare. LCWW strives to achieve a gender just society by critically examining the law and various public policies and making advocacy for the changes in the same and implementation of laws for women’s welfare by conducting various gender sensitization programmes for different stake holders in society. LCWW will also be doing research on contemporary women’s issues and identify the lacunae in the law/policies by the Government and suggest measures to address the same.


Legal awareness camps, workshops, seminars, conferences on the following topics will be organised online or offline:

  • Legal Literacy for Women
  • Gender Sensitization
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Violence against Women

Research Area

The Centre focuses on all issues related to women, broadly covering Violence against Women,the role of State in empowering women, the social impediments faced by women and the role of law in addressing these issues.