VI TNNLU National Med-Arb Competition, February 2024

VI TNNLU National Med- Arb Competition, 2024

[23rd – 25th February 2024]


About National Med-Arb Competition 2024

Tamil Nadu National Law University was the first Law Institution in India to conduct a Competition on the Med-Arb model of dispute resolution. The National Med-Arb Competition (‘NMAC’) involves a two-step dispute resolution process in which parties attempt to resolve their dispute in mediation, and, if they fail to resolve some or all of their issues, the remaining issues are automatically submitted to Arbitration where the Arbitrator imposes a binding decision. The Competition includes a unique element of Arbitral Award writing which is prepared by the Arbitrator/Mediator after the oral submissions of both the parties in the Arbitration session. TNNLU is the first among all the Universities in the country to organize such a Competition on Arbitral Award writing.

In pursuance of its goal of conditioning law students to efficiently resolve disputes, the Tamil Nadu National Law University through its Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC) cordially invites undergraduate law students from across the country to participate in its VI TNNLU National Med-Arb Competition 2024 to be held offline from February 23 to 25, 2024.

Structure of the Competition

The Competition is built upon the Med-Arb Model of dispute resolution. This Competition consists of two separate rounds of Mediation and Arbitration. The negotiating team reprising the role of Client- Counsel in the Mediation Rounds will become the Counsels in the Arbitration Rounds. The participant reprising the role of a Mediator in the Mediation rounds reprises the role of an Arbitrator in the Arbitration Rounds. After the completion of each prelim comprising of one mediation round and one arbitration round, the participant(s) reprising the role of Mediator/Arbitrator shall draft an Arbitral Award for the rounds.

All the participants will be judged by a separate panel of judges in the two Preliminary Rounds for Mediation and Arbitration. The Arbitral Award shall also be evaluated. The Competition will consist of 3 rounds viz. Prelims, Semi Finals and Finals spanning across three days.

Important Dates:


Important Dates

Commencement of Provisional Registration

16th November 2023

Deadline for Provisional Registration

20th December 2023

Release of Problem

1st January 2024

Release of Selected Teams

1st January 2024

Deadline for Seeking Clarifications

8th January 2024

Release of Clarifications

15th January 2024

Deadline for Final Registration

15th January 2024

Deadline for submitting soft copy of Arbitration Memorandum(s)

8th February 2024

Deadline for submitting hard copy of Arbitration Memorandum(s)

23rd February 2024


23rd February 2024

VI TNNLU National Med – Arb Competition, 2024

23, 24 & 25th February 2024

Registration and Inaugural Ceremony

23rd February 2024

Preliminary Rounds

24th February 2024

Semi Final and Final Rounds

25th February 2024

Valedictory Ceremony

25th February 2023



Registration Process:

  1. Provisional Registration by interested Universities must be done by way of filling of the Google Form, on or before 11:59 PM IST on 20th December 2023.
  2. Find the form here:
  3. For the Selection Process, the Organising Committee, will shortlist a total of 20 Teams out of all the Applicant Teams that have successfully completed the Application by the abovementioned deadline.
  4. The Organising Committee shall shortlist the teams based on the credentials mentioned in the Provisional Registration Form. The decision of the Organising Committee shall be final. The names of the Selected Teams will be communicated to them through email on 1st January 2024.
  5. The Selected Teams shall pay a registration fee of ?7,500/- (non-refundable) inclusive of food, refreshments, and accommodation.
  6. The deadline for payment and final registration is 15th January 2024.
  7. NOTE: In the event of a selected Team forfeiting its participation, the Organising Committee may, entirely within its discretionary power, replace the said Selected Team and offer participation to any other Applicant Team which has successfully completed its application.

Competition Documents :

Contact us:

Clarifications shall be sent to

The subject line should be “Clarifications: Problems or Rules”.

For any queries, feel free to drop us an email at or contact the following members of the ADRC, TNNLU.

Faculty In-charge(s):

Ms. Mrinmoyee Mukherjee, Assistant Professor of Law at

Mr. Vasishtan P, Assistant Professor of Law at

Student Coordinator(s):

Ms. Shrutakeerti Eshwar (Convenor): +91 97913 40963.

Ms. Ramsha Hashmi: + +91 62906 00618.

Mr. Pranav R: +91 95001 86002.